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  1. Daytona 500 •Event Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 AND Saturday, February 25th •THURSDAY Start Time: Oval Rookie & D-license: 7:30PM EST/ 00:30 GMT Friday •THURSDAY Start Time: Oval C – Pro license: 8:30PM EST/ 01:30 GMT Friday •SATURDAY Start Time: Oval Rookie & D-license: 5:00PM EST/ 22:00 GMT Saturday •SATURDAY Start Time: Oval C - Pro license: 6:00PM EST/ 23:00 GMT Saturday •SATURDAY C-Pro Start Times from around the world: Los Angeles-3:00PM, New York-6:00PM, London-11:00PM, Paris, Florence & Munich-12:00 Midnight, Perth-7:00AM Sunday, Tokyo-8:00AM Sunday, Sydney-10:00AM Sunday •Car: Chevrolet Impala, car setup will be open •Track: New Daytona Oval – Daytime lighting •Practice Sessions: Open practice sessions will begin on Monday Feb 20th at 7:00PM EST/00:00 GMT Tuesday and will remain open until the event starts •Qualifying: Single car qualifying will begin on February 21st at 00:15 GMT. Qualifying sessions will begin every 30 minutes until event start. Single car qualifying sessions will remain open until each racing event begins. Qualifying is optional. •Qualifying Process: Each qualifying session will last for two green flag laps. Drivers will qualify and be gridded into their race session based on their iRating. The qualifying time will determine the driver’s place on the grid. Qualifying is not required. If a driver does not post a qualifying time they will be placed behind all the drivers in their split who did post a qual time, then they will be gridded according to their iRating. •Warm up: A (20) twenty minute warm-up will precede each race, to allow extra time to join the session •Safety Rating & iRating: This event is an official session and official session rules apply. Safety Rating and iRating will be in effect. •Tows, Resets, Pitstops, Yellow Flags: Drivers in the Rookie & D race will be allowed one reset (a tow back to pit lane and a fully repaired racecar). Drivers in the C – Pro race will not have a “reset.” Damage repair will be on. Typical pit stop rules will be in effect. The race will begin with a rolling start. Full course yellow flags and double file restarts will be used. •Race Length: 200 laps •Field Size: Up to 43 racecars per split •Content Required: Daytona racetrack and Chevrolet Impala •Awards: The top 3 drivers in each split will be reported on the iRacing members page and given an award certificate. •Prizes: Three drivers who participated in the race will be chosen at random to receive a $100 NASCAR Superstore gift card. If you race on both Thursday and Saturday, you will only be counted once towards the drawing for the NASCAR Superstore gift card. •PC Giveaway! A brand new gaming PC and a one year iRacing subscription will be given away to one lucky winner of the Daytona 500. Michael Main, of Main Performance PC, will be providing this PC. Every split winner from the Daytona 500 will be pooled into a group, and one winner will be randomly drawn from that group and given the PC. Main Performance PC will pay shipping for anywhere in the world, but the winner will need to pay any customs, duties or taxes. If you win more than one race split (ie: Thu. & Sat.) you will only be counted once into the entry for the PC drawing. Here are the details on this exciting prize: Computer System Specs: i5 2500K INTEL Processor ATI Radeon 6970 2GB Video Card 8GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM ASUS Z68 ATX Motherboard 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 750W Power Supply 24x CD/DVD Read and Write Drive Software: • Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit • NOD 32 Anti Virus (1 user – 1 year) • 1 Year Pre-Paid iRacing Subscription
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