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  1. I mean, i've paid only 8 dollars, thanks to you ! Can you give a whats app or a facebook or discord so i can ask you about some components ?
  2. Yeah, that's great, thank you very much for all the info, ill keep you guys updated, and post if i have anymore questions.
  3. Ill try and research, maybe I can find someone who can make PCB-s as well in my country
  4. The shipping for that pcb for me is 35 dollars, on aliexpress its about 4 dollars/set components
  5. Ok, so i've searched, add up the prices, and for me to make one (because all of the big shipping prices) it's getting as expensive as Leo Bodnar. Is anybody willing to make one of those ? and ill pay for it ?
  6. I've recieved the file, do I need to change anything in the settings ? or is it good to go ?
  7. Thank you !! I've found the list of components, is there a file for that PCB that I can use to order it ?
  8. Hello everyone ! I've found this project 3 weeks ago, almost done the mechanical parts, and ordered the Load cells for the pedals. I want to solve the electronics now. Can someone help me with the PCB order needed ? (The one with 3 RJ connectors next to each other) and the website where i should get it ? also the parts for it ?
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    1. Mart Ioan Valeriu 2. Romania, Constanta 3.22 4.4 years 5.Office desk + Thrustmaster T300, T3Pa pedals, Momo Steering wheel, Sparco TSS 6. RC, electrics, electronics 7.- 8. Maritmite university of Constanta, Electrical Engineering 9.Nope 10. A diy project brought me here
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