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  1. Assetto Corsa: RedPack

    на чепырке тож так можно :smart: у меня такое бывает, когда помимо руля еще пад подключен.
  2. Assetto Corsa: RedPack

    у 488 недостаточная поворачиваемость, заметно на первом же повороте при выезде из боксов на петле. интересно, настройками это как то лечится? не то, чтобы прямо критично, но 458 куда лучше в этом плане.
  3. RaceRoom Racing Experience

    [spoiler=Raceroom has been updated] 30 ИЮНЯ - [sECTOR3] SONAT OZTURK Highlights: - Added garage phase to Multiplayer. This is a 60 second phase before race to allow players to change their car setup and fuel. - Changed login flow and integrated with Steam Web API. New players will no longer have to register an account with e-mail. The game will create accounts with the Steam ID and existing users will automatically authenticate with Steam details. Game - Added support for Fanatec pedal vibration. Players who have a Fanatec pedalset with vibration can tweak these via the controller file. FFB pedal throttle vibe zero magnitude = 0.01 // Throttle pedal vibration at 0rpm (reference point) can be set between 0 and 1.0 FFB pedal throttle vibe slope = 0.15 // can be set between -99999999.0, 99999999.0 FFB pedal throttle slip vibe= 1.0 // Throttle pedal vibration on tire slip. can be set between 0 and 1.0 FFB pedal brake slip vibe= 1.0 //Brake pedal vibration on front tire slip. can be set between 0 and 1.0 FFB pedal brake vibe slope= 5.0 // Slope for brake pedal vibration based on speed and braking %. can be set between -99999999.0, 99999999.0 - Fixed an issue where the game could crash while loading a replay. - Fixed an issue where game was adding fuel in liters instead gallons while refueling during pitstop. - Increased controller axis movement threshold used when detecting input (so that the player has to press the axis 90% down before it gets bound in options). - Removed the now obsolete manual login screen, modified error screen and added retry button so the player can retry login instead of having to exit the game completely to retry. - Added potential fixes for freezes that were occurring when game was trying to save replays. - Removed fuel multipliers from DTM 2015 as they were causing issues in Championship. - Fixed an issue where cars started without brakes if player skips the first race session in a 2 race format race. - Fixed speed of background music changing after watching a replay. Multiplayer - Added garage phase to Multiplayer. This is a 60 second phase before race to allow players to change their car setup and fuel. The garage phase ends either at 60 seconds or when all players have readied up by pressing Race. - Added a new setting to dedicated server called “Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay”. If set to 0, players that failed to press race before garage phase ends, gets put on the grid as normal. If set to any other value, the player starts from the pits as penalty and cannot drive until that value in seconds has passed. - Fixed an issue related to slow responses from/to servers that fixes cars continually remaining at ping 0. Added potential fixes for connection issues that were causing some players to get disconnected. - Fixed issue with session timer being off by 10-16 seconds sometimes, and not counting laps done within that time. - Fixed an issue with drivetrain oscillation calculation that was causing inaccurate torque values in Multiplayer, causing cars to flip and float around unnaturally when elapsed time was reset to synchronize time. - Fixed issue with being unable to change gear after walkthrough phase in Multiplayer. - Fixed issue with "Waiting for Server Response" popup sometimes showing up and remaining on screen, after joining a multiplayer server. Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI: - Fixed handbrake pressure being null on cars with recently updated physics. - Fixed Honda Civic rear view camera. - Added new TV Cameras for Nurburgring, Mid Ohio, Zandvoort, Sonoma Raceway. - Fixed a case where player was given a cut track warning when entering the pitlane at Bathurst. - Fixed a couple of garage spots at Salzburgring that were outside of the pitlane limit. - Fixed a congestion issue when all AI’s would pit in simultaneously at some of the Nordschleife layouts. - Increased fuel use estimations for most of the track layouts to a safer level, addressing all issues where AI’s wouldn’t embark enough fuel to complete a 15 minutes race session. - Nurburgring: Merged cut rules between difficulty levels. - Monza: Fixed issue with AI not pitting. - Laguna Seca: Fixed issue with AI not pitting. - Zolder - Fixed AI hitting pit exit sign when leaving pits in practice and qualifying sessions, - Mid Ohio Turn 1 - Made the cut track rule less strict. - Added bigger grids for Suzuka, Hockenheim, Hungaroring, Slovakiaring, Monza, Laguna Seca, Norisring, Nurburgring, Oschersleben, Lausitzring and Raceroom Raceway, Mid Ohio, Moscow Raceway, Shanghai, Zolder. Art: - RaceRoom Raceway: updated the tarmac, mapped the groove better, and various small fixes - Tatuus F4: made brake disks visually bigger to better match the real car. - Brands Hatch - Various art fixes and visual improvements. - Chang - Various art fixes and visual improvements. - Hockenheim - Fixed DTM pit stall being behind wall. - Indianapolis - Fixed missing collisions on some road surfaces, improved collision walls placement so they match concrete walls properly, closed some gaps between fences, added some tirewalls. - Monza - Fixed trees clipping through sign and the flickering Hyflex banner after 1st chicane - Nurburgring - Fixed an issue with some of the curbs. Portal & Backend: - Changed login flow and integrated with Steam API. New players will no longer have to register an account with e-mail. The game will create accounts with the Steam ID and existing users will automatically authenticate with Steam details. - Removed Switch Accounts option from Account Settings. - Removed Password change section in account settings as it’s no longer relevant. - Removed change email button. Email can be changed on the field itself and will be highlighted if it’s not verified. - Added email validation to competition launch. We no longer require e-mail for a player account but a valid e-mail is required for competitions. - Fixed an issue where hidden content used for a competition was appearing in regular car selection menu. - Added a check on login for owned DLC’s so the refunded DLC’s will no longer remain owned. - Fixed an issue where an error would appear after purchasing a track through the Multiplayer browser. - Fixed so the purple server entry in Multiplayer browser refreshes immediately after purchasing the needed item, instead of player having to back out and re-enter the browser to refresh.
  4. RaceRoom Racing Experience

    а я только сейчас заметил что в игре нет феррари. интересно почему?
  5. DiRT Rally

    спасибо большое.
  6. pCARS - общее обсуждение

    да за эти деньги то можно че ты прям ну
  7. DiRT Rally

    может кто подсказать на сколько градусов поворачивается руль у настоящей 208 T16 Pikes Peak?
  8. Porsche! в Assetto Corsa

    вау, вот это поворот! всегда хотелось ездить на поршах, а не "подделках" из трех букв, которые мягко говоря уже достали.
  9. WRC 6

  10. Assetto Corsa - Общее обсуждение

    хороший пример с петлей. тоже ощущаю дискомфорт в пкарсе из за ее не сканированного происхождения) часто наезжаешь на кербы и тайминги уже не те. катаю только за возможность включить дождичек и подобрать освещение :) но вот зандворт нормальный получился, это наверное из за того, что на коротких трассах все же легче выдержать пропорции, поэтому, почему бы и нет.
  11. Assetto Corsa : Japanese Pack

    что то заряженный рх7 как дрифткар какой то получился, лишний раз на тапку не нажмешь, а вроде наоборот для тайматтак машина должна быть, или ошибаюсь? и шины только уличные. а так пак хорош, да.
  12. DiRT Rally

    если ты про нумерацию поворотов, то нет.
  13. RaceRoom Racing Experience

    а меня р3е подкупает звуком. могу ошибаться, но считаю что он лучший среди ныне существующих симуляторов. не скажу конкретно чем, но ушам приятно. да и официальные ливреи с газпромом на тт, возможность покататься на гранте и весте - больше такого нигде не найти. а еще одна сканированная петля, это всегда хорошо, пусть хоть в марио карт:) правда еще не купил, но собираюсь.
  14. RaceRoom Racing Experience

    [spoiler=еще один видос, оттуда же]
  15. RaceRoom Racing Experience