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Кому интересен мультиплеер rF2?


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  1. 1. Статус моей копии rFactor 2:

    • лицензия и оплаченный онлайн
    • лицензия, готов продлить онлайн ($12), если будут проводится заезды (фан или чемп)
    • лицензия, онлайн продлевать не буду
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Интересная информация пршла на почту от SRTC :)

Dear Members,

We are glad to announce you that SRTC goes to PRO and Real Racing.

We have juste signed some partnerships in Barcelona and in Paris with promotors of Real Racing Championships, a Brand of Racing Car and a very well known media for broadcasting some SRTC Races.

Some of our Partners want us to organize Personalized Events and Championships to promote their Brands.

SRTC and our PRO simulators will be represented in different Real Racing events and race tracks through Europe

Which mean it will give you the opportunities to win some weekends as VIP guest in Real Teams on Circuits, but also some very exciting driving experiences and even a season in Real racing Cars,... and still even some Cash Prizes

We took the decision to modify our $1 000 000 SRTC concept and marketing regarding all these good news, and SRTC will become "SRTC Pro Sim Racing".

The most important changes are:

- New website and presentation

- Limited number of participants (30 Drivers for Sprint Races and 40 Teams of 3 Drivers for Endurance)

- Mix of Cash Prizes and Presents for the top 3

- No more subscriptions but payment for the Championships you will participate



We decide to give you the priority for SRTC because you were the first people to trust in SRTC, so even if we change the concept we believe this is very good news for the Sim Racing and your Team or yourself as Driver.

We will limit the number of participants, which means SRTC will not be anymore "full access", but reserved to the most motivated and best Drivers and Sim Racers in the World.


This is the reason in 2 or 3 weeks, when we will present the new website,we will refund you all what you have paid until now, and then you will be able to take the decision to carry on with us or just being a spectator of what SRTC is doing.


I know you are curious to know what this all will be and which Partners do we have, but believe us, you will be proud to be part of this adventure.

We have still 2 weeks to wait before to announce to everybody all these good news !!!

(Confidential contracts from our partners)


All the SRTC Team thank you for your support, and we work hard to be better and better and give you the best you are waiting for from a Sim Racing Promotor and League.


Stay tuned, keep connected ... in 1 week we will tell you a little bit more about the Website and will show you the first screen captures.


Возможность выиграть вип билет в леман и место(или места) реальных гонщиков на один сезон

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Ну вот, подписку отменяют - уже хорошо. Еще и призы интересные в виде гоночных заездов и даже сезонов в реале) Будем болеть..)

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Еще один обратный отчет )))
Видимо как рф2 перейдёт на дх11 ) Хоть кататься начну..)

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В фейсБуке выложили новость сегодня


It's official, right now SRTC takes you to the real racing car competitions !

SRTC Pro Series has signed with Transam Euro Racing ...

Coming Soon, a SRTC Transam Sim Racing Championship

- A full season to win as a driver in Transam Euro Racing 2018

- Real Driving Experiences Transam

- Invitation to the paddock as a VIP Invited to be with us on the European Circuits during the Transam Races

... Stay connected ..


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Новость на фэйсбуке с картинками


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